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  WHEN: every Sunday at 10:30am

WHERE: the Head Start Building
700 Park Avenue, Houghton
(immediately north of Econo Foods)
- - Entrance to the Meeting Room is from Water Works Drive

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Environmental Policy Presentation, June 2012

Hope Behind Bars Presentation, July 2012  

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Sunday Mornings at 10:30

June 25: "Exploring Concepts of Loyalty, Core Beliefs and Challenges"

- What does it mean to be loyal, and what are some challenges to these concepts? In this service, the worship committee will explore these questions.

July 2: "Independence in Community":

The values of independence and community are both important to Unitarian Universalists, but are often seen as contradictory. Can we find any common ground between these competing goals? July 9: The July Forum

will feature an MTU student environmental initiative. This will be followed by a picnic at the Ekstrom's house, and then a Green Tour in Hancock on Backyard Composting. Hope you can join us.

July 16: "A UU Theology of Sin":

UUs are often uncomfortable with the idea of sin. After all, it has been used to oppress so many and demand conformity. In this service, Rev. Chris will reexamine sin and ask what sin means in our tradition. Potluck and Book Sale today.

July 23 - "Kids These Days: Rebellion, Newness, and Growth in Pop Culture":

Some have said that one sign you're growing old is when the younger generation does things that seem foreign and wrong. In this service, Rev. Chris will examine how new and rebellious actions have enabled humanity to grow by examining the era’s popular culture.

July 30: "This I Believe”

was a 1950s radio program of the same name, hosted by acclaimed journalist Edward R. Murrow. Each day, Americans gathered by their radios to hear compelling essays from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Helen Keller, and Harry Truman, as well as corporate leaders, cab drivers, scientists, and secretaries—anyone able to distill into a few minutes the guiding principles by which they lived. These essayists’ words brought comfort and inspiration to a country worried about McCarthyism, the Cold War, and racial division." (

Count on having potluck lunch on the third Sunday each month